Artist’s Statement

“My work looks for the stories below the surface. It questions and explores the ambiguity of identity, both that of people and of the objects in which we invest meanings. Sometimes this is suggested by a glance or a gesture, sometimes by an unusual perspective, disconcerting detail or deconstructive layering.  I hope the result is to intrigue the viewer with the strangeness of what had previously seemed so solid.

My most recent exhibition is ‘Life Lived in Layers’, a body of work visually documenting the journey of Martine Shackerley- Bennett through her male to female gender changes. It explores the dynamic between a sense of self-alienation on the one hand, and a confidence in renewing the self on the other – a poignant but liberating struggle disrupting traditional stereotypes echoed by Martine’s own writings.”


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  • Penny:-
    I googled you and found this web site, very nicely done!
    Last Christmas my son visited us and in a couple of days threw up a very simple website for my artwork. I have been gradually populating the galleries, but I try and make sure that everyone who appears there is happy about it.
    I have posted a new oil portrait of Victoria, based on sketches from the 1990s, on my web site (address attached). It is in a gallery ‘room’ called ‘2015 Small Oil Portraits NOT using the Golden Mean’. Can you bring this to Victoria’s attention. If she would like it removed, I will remove it.
    There are also other pictures of Victoria in the 1991 to 1995 sections of the web site.


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