Gallery: Present Work

“Here, There, And Elsewhere”

Art should connect people, and connect with people. Penny Clark’s goal is to make visible the commonalities that bind us to others, even in the face of hardship and division. In their different ways these pictures grapple with hope despair and resilience and how such feelings are the constant companions of all humanity.

Subjects are drawn from many cultures and places. Whether a tangle of urban wires’ the bustle of a refugee camp or the theatre of the circus these pictures are concerned with the flow of the moment. People are caught in movement, placing them in the context of what went before and what will unfold in the future. This temporal perspective is reinforced by a sense of spatial depth and by a fluidity of brush marks that emphasizes the ephemerality of the present.

We are all the same and we are all different.

These images invite you to share in the drama.

We thrive and survive together and these works aim to offer points of recognition accessible to all.

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